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Inspiration and some additional resources

Brene Brown - authenticity and vulnerability
John Moravec - the future of education
Ted Dintersmith - student-centered learning
Gratton and Scott - the future of life, work and education
Joan C. Williams - professional growth for women
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - equality and education
10% Braver (Porritt and Featherstone) - gender equality in the workplace
Equality Can't Wait - gender equality

Published articles by Kimberly

Intention to Impact Leadership (Insightful, the ECIS thought leadership blog July 2020 and ECIS Global Insights April 2020)
The Need for Authentic Learning
(ECIS Global Insights November 2019, also published on LinkedIn, June 2019)
Wellness, community, learning: thoughts on preparing students to become healthy adults (LinkedIn, August 2019)
Are we preparing students for college? Or are we preparing them for life? (LinkedIn, July 2019)
"Well done is better than well said"​: weighing intention versus impact
(LinkedIn, June 2019)

Creative non-fiction by Kimberly

Ebb and flow - A lifetime of learning:  Kimberly's blog about life's challenges and celebrations
Medium - Kimberly is a contributor on Medium, the online literary magazine.