"Kim helped me map out some long term career goals and provided me with some guidance on how best to approach those goals. It definitely helped me have a better vision of my future."
- Ben, age 36, Madrid, Spain

"I came to Kim to help me start thinking about the best way to make a transition in my career. The sessions we had were fun, honest and very insightful. She opened my eyes to a world of opportunity and helped me identify the barriers that were holding me back."
- Camila, age 23, London, UK

"I had many, major life decisions come up in one month’s time. I was overwhelmed. I felt like I was not able to put all of the life pieces of the puzzle together. Through talking, Kim helped me build the frame of the puzzle and once the frame was built, I just filled in the pieces."
- Kathy, age 58, St. Paul, Minnesota

"I am so grateful to Kim for taking my hand in a moment where everything around me on a personal and professional level was moving: setting up priorities, not being afraid to make decisions, and move forward. Thanks for believing in me!"
- Patricia, age 52, Madrid, Spain

Who Gets Coached?

~ Educational administrators, focusing on leadership skill development
~  Educator in mid-thirties considering a career in administration
~  Young professional looking at changing career path
~  Professionals in their forties and fifties launching a new business
~  Professional of 30 years exploring major life changes
~  Experienced professional wanting to improve time management
~  Educators wanting support with resumes/interviewing while seeking a new international post 

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